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We need your Help!

Wow, what a year we have had! All of you know how I am big on goals and accomplishments- and what a great year we have had achieving goals at AFC. Here’s what we have done this year to continue our commitment to you as the premier counseling service in Albuquerque for your relationships.

  • More specialized relationship therapists
  • Telephone and Skype counseling
  • Added Anger & Co-Parenting Groups
  • Published a book on preventing infidelity in your marriage
  • Added online scheduling for your convenience

So, now It’s time for the annual AFC Client Satisfaction Survey- and we hope you will participate! Your input gives us valuable feedback so that we can improve our services even more. The biggest benefit is for you- we take your comments to heart and then put them into action. Please take just a minute of your time and complete the survey here.  We will publish the results next month, along with the AFC Annual Program Rollout. We have some special things in store for you for next year- stay tuned to the website for more info and have a great holiday season.


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