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Welcome June. . .

June is the official start of summer, Father’s Day and is the one month out of the year with the most daylight hours. If you are looking for some ideas for Father’s day events, check this out. For gift ideas, here‘s a good list.

Want to take advantage of those starry summer nights? Check out these apps for stargazing– what could be better than a warm night, a glass of wine, and your sweetie by your side as you look up at the stars and learn the constellations?


A Slow, Simple Summer

Summer time is officially here! Usually people think of summer as a perfect time to slow down- schedules are less hectic, vacations are planned and time just seems to move at a different pace than the rest of the year.  If this type of pace appeals to you, you are not alone. Spending some quiet time reflecting on life, loved ones and relationships can be very beneficial to your well being.  Current research is showing more results that spending contemplative time can actually change your brain cells in a positive manner!  So, slow down, simplify things and have a positive summer!

Hail to Summer

Another month has arrived in ABQ, and despite the hail covering the ground in Rio Rancho and snow on the Sandias, we have turned the calendar towards summertime months!   May is often associated with Mother’s Day, graduation ceremonies, and for school-aged students of all ages (and teachers) the approach of the end of the school year.  Questions such as, “Do you have any special summer plans?” or “Are you taking a vacation?” are common, and the not-so-common factor can be planning for unique summer experiences right in your own home or community.  Anticipating holidays and vacations can be a lot of fun, no doubt!  There are also opportunities for “stay-cations” that allow individuals, couples and families opportunities for exploring the neighborhood, local area, or taking inexpensive day-trips.  These mini-cations can create a wonderful and refreshing (physical, emotional, and mental) break.

Here are several ideas to think about weaving into your summertime:

1) bring back game night (break out the Monopoly, Scrabble, Parchisi).  The old-fashioned “board games” (where you open up the box instead of the computer program, chose who gets to use the race car, shoe or top hat, and figure out peaceably who gets to be the banker)!

2) Check out the discount movie theaters in town that offer discount matinees with prices that allow a family to attend a movie together.  The popular and originally first-run movies often end up at these theaters.

3) Get out the Twister board game!  A rousing game can count as daily exercise if you do it with gusto!

4) Aim to reduce technology by percentage points.  Start with a 5% reduction of the time you spend on a daily basis on the computer, internet, checking emails, texting, and figure out “what else” you can do with that time that contributes to your interests, family-time, or doing something new.  Work up to 10%, 15%, 20%, and “feel” the difference with interpersonal communication. Wishing you sun-filled (and warm) days.

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