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A New View….Perspective

Webster dictionary defines the word “rut” as a fixed, routine procedure, course of action or thought, especially one regarded as dull and unrewarding. Well, bleah!  No wonder “being in a rut” doesn’t feel energizing.  When there are communication patterns that are negative and emotionally-charged (in a distressing way) it is easy to feel “stuck.”  The view from a rut is limited, so it is important to infuse some positive change into communication patterns for a fresh breeze of perspective. 

But…the bad thing about being in a rut is you’re in a rut!  The view is limited and it takes more energy than usual to get un-stuck.  Here are several suggestions for fun (meaning: enjoyable, relaxing, energizing) for times when it feels challenging to come up with new ideas.

Sight-see…as though you are seeing the ABQ area for the first time. Have you ridden the tram to the top of the Sandias lately?  If the world’s longest aerial tram is not your thing, consider a drive up the back of the mountain or a ride up the chair-lift.  There is nothing like being on top of the Sandias, with the ability to see miles in the distance.  Try to spot your home from that vantage point!

Purchase an “Entertainment Guide” (sold by many non-profit agencies as a fund raiser) and use the coupons to try new places to eat or go out for a drink.

Make the most of living in a dog-friendly town (even if you don’t own a dog). Dogs are masters at “being in the moment” (a “doggone” good reminder for communication dynamics within relationships)!    Several Flying Star cafes have outdoor patios where you can drink coffee, sip tea, eat a scone and have your dog sit at your feet all the while (a way to infuse European energy to an ABQ-afternoon). Pack a picnic meal and go watch dogs play at a local dog-park (Eubank and Lomas just north of I-40 is a nice one). Watch the dogs play.  This is a fun (and free) activity for singles, couples or families.  Pack the peanut butter sandwiches and ‘go to the dogs’!

Fly a kite.  The ABQ breezes provide great lift (for the kite and your spirits)

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