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Simple Steps for Real Life: Simple Steps… Real Change (Volume 1)

– Cheryl Maloney

Simple Life Changes Is your life happy? Fulfilling? Meaningful? Are you stuck in a place, know you don’t want to stay there but have no idea how to get out of it? What if one small tweak to your thoughts, words or deeds could change your life, forever… for the better. Would you be willing to make it? What if by taking one Simple Step you gained the courage to pursue your dreams… Would you be willing to take it? Simple Steps for Real Life provides that gentle nudge in the area of your life that you need. This is your life and one size does not fit all! Open the Table of Contents and scan the chapters. You’re going to find one Simple Step that speaks to you. Read it. Take the Simple Step and discover a life you’ve been overlooking. When you realize how simple it was you’ll have the confidence to take another… and another. Some Simple Steps may not be easy. Only you can decide if what you want is more important than staying stuck where you are. Are you ready to live your life by choice? Take a Simple Step and release the power of you! Bestselling Author Cheryl L. Maloney’s life changing experiences are the kind you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy. She’s taken the wisdom from the pain and created Simple Steps… Real Change to help others know they are not alone and just a Simple Step away from where they really want to be in life, their life, their way.


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