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Olympic Spirit

The winter Olympics provided a plethora of inspiring images.  I watched an interview between sports commentator Bob Costas and Shaun White, who rocked the snowboarding world with his half pipe genius.  Shaun described his experience as, “Dreams in motion…coming true.”

Part of what makes Olympic stories so compelling is that they encompass human-interest stories.  The athletes have vibrant life-stories about what got them to the point of Olympic achievement. There are also “life-shaping memories” experienced and shared by parents, siblings, extended family, friends, teachers, coaches, supervisors, communities—all supporting the dreams of the athlete. During challenging times in life, remind yourself of the people in your corner. When personal or professional challenges weigh heavy on your heart and mind, seek affirming support from others who care about you. We hope that you consider counseling support from Albuquerque Family Counseling as one of your resources!

If there are negative patterns that have developed in your interpersonal relationships (whether with family members, an Intimate Partner, friends, colleagues at work, a supervisor) there are lessons to be learned from Olympic athletes:  Allow yourself to dream.  Give yourself permission to pursue those dreams. Remember where you started from. Perspective provides a great view. New skills can be learned. “Getting good” at anything requires practice. Achieving excellence or enhanced skills requires even more effort. Practice encompasses time, energy, dedication, training, and willingness to be vulnerable.  No one is perfect.  Embrace your human-ness!  Understanding, trust, respect, compassion, forgiveness…are wonderful ways to express care towards yourself and others.  Patience is helpful, quite necessary in actuality. Positive self-care is vital. Persevere. Nurture your individualism, yet recognize you are part of a team, a member of a broader community.

What are your dreams for your relationships?  Affirm your Olympic spirit.

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