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Self Care Moments

It feels good to treat yourself (and others) kindly!  Integrate care into your day in small ways.

During your commute as your car idles at a red light, take a deep breath and flex your shoulders.

Allow a customer in the grocery line to move in front of you, even if they have more items!

Drink one extra glass of water per day, and then drink one glass in lieu of regular coffee or soda.

Top-off your car gas tank on a mild winter day; you’ll be glad you did when it is chilly outside and the wind is gusting.

Carry a travel mug to reduce paper and plastic waste.  Our Earth gives you a thankful shout-out.

Hang a bird feeder or scatter loose seed in open areas; watch the birds delight in finding a special treat.

Turn off your cell phone when you are driving.  Check messages once you arrive at your destination.  Refreshing and safe.

Remember “C3” for healthy eating: Colorful, Crispy, Crunchy!  Create a food-rainbow of red, orange, yellow and green peppers, carrots, broccoli, spinach, eggplant and radishes. Select fresh fruits and vegetables. Crunchy food requires “more chews” which slows consumption and eases “digestion overload” from eating too much too fast!

In the time after New Year’s Day and before Super Bowl parties, keep a food log.  It can be surprising how holiday-habits of munching, snacking, sweets and treats bumped up a daily calorie intake. Apply C3 to choose healthy substitutions.

Be good to yourself in new and creative ways.  Consider it an investment for positive physical and emotional health.

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