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Cutting The Cord Continued. . .

Now…what do you do to cut these negative attachments with people who are draining your life force?

  • Make peace with any anger, conflict and resentment you have toward whoever in the present (or the past) has been a negative drain on your life. In doing so, realize that no one can take your energy without you allowing that to happen.
  • Some people suggest taking frequent baths to energetically  “cleanse” yourself.Tub  The feng shui behind the bath habit is that you will amp up your water element.  Water is the element of fresh starts, of emotional richness and revived motion.
  • I read about and tried this exercise and it is very cool: Visualize yourself on a bridge and the person who you need to but the negative attachment with is on the other side of the bridge.  Walk toward the person and picture them walking toward you.  Forgive them for everything that has gone wrong, apologize for anything you may have done and wish them well.  Then, you walk away.   It seems simple, but it really helped me to understand the ways in which I have become attached to people unwittingly.
  • You can also try this visualization:  Get super relaxed before bed and scan your body for spots along the center line of your body that feel stuck.  Concentrate on these areas and see if there are people and situations that spring to mind when you focus on each area.  Do you feel the ties that bind you to these people in a negative fashion? If so, imagine you have a scissor and can cut these chords.  This is a beautiful symbolic way to imagine the negative ways that people relate to one another melting away, rather than wishing people away from you.  Before you sleep, wish everyone well in your life.  I always do this before bed… sending positive thoughts out into the world.
  • Clear the old stuff out of your space that is loaded with tainted energy from people in your past who are no longer in your life who have brought you grief.  A friend wore a necklace given to him by a toxic ex-girlfriend for years, and when he moved to make a change in his life is was stolen off his neck.  You know, its much more pleasant to give this stuff to charity or recycle it!
  • Spend lots of time in nature and spend time every day – or at least every week- by yourself and unplugged from electronics.  This is a great way to strengthen your personal energy.

Its important that I reiterate that this post is not about witchcraft or magic- its about your psychological well-being and energetic (qi) life force and vitality.  That said, when you cut chords of negative attachment and work on strengthening positive attachments what happens can feel magical. Enjoy your power!

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Cutting The Cord: Wiping Out The Toxic Relationships In Your Life!

EnergeticCordWhile I stay away from the woo woo metaphysics to an enormous degree, I have experienced and have witnessed the phenemonon of psychic vampires many times.  We are all connected as human beings, and while out positive bonds help us to grow, sometimes a weird and unexplainable negative “cord” binds us to another in a negative fashion. You know, those people you can’t live with and can’t live without? Yep…read on!

How do you know if its time to cut the negative cord with someone (or multiple people)? Have you ever felt drained by a conversation? That is a minor version of vampires in action.  Have you been drained by a friend, love or family member, constantly?  Do you feel spun out or on a roller-coaster that seems to have many more lows than highs?  Do you get frequent headaches, massive anxiety attacks and crazy freak-outs?  This could be the result of high-level vampire behavior sucking your energy.  I don’t believe that this behavior is intentional most of the time.  I don’t believe that these people are bad and wrong, but if you don’t create healthy boundaries this behavior can become devastating to your life.

The worrisome part of this behavior? When you get involved with someone who “needs” you in this energetic way, it can feel like “deep love” or some other really powerful but dysfunctional bond and it sneaks up on you, the draining and life-sucking energy.  My friend explained it as a metaphor presented in a Pierce Brosnan movie.  Yep. It goes like this: “If you put a frog in a pot of boiling water he will spring out to save his life.  If you put a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly warm up the water to a boil, the frog will boil to death.”  This vampire behavior will slowly boil you like that second frog who got so used to suffering that he didn’t know it was that bad until it was too late.  Don’t be that frog!!! Source: Dana of

Read next weeks post for more about cutting the cord  . . .


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