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How Many Days Until Spring?

It is common for the month of January and the start of a New Year to stir up a multitude of emotions.   Do you ever:

  • Think “thank goodness” when realizing the holiday season is over?
  • Feel sluggish about returning to work?
  • Experience an emotional “let-down” after the holiday season?
  • Find it hard to “get back into a routine” after January 1st?
  • Count the days until the next 3-day weekend?

If so, you are not alone. Many individuals (of all ages) experience a post-holiday slump.  Consider these possibilities (or brainstorm additional ideas):

  • Continue support to service organizations that provide care to individuals or families who are having a rough time makings ends meet.  The act of sharing feels good at any time of year.
  • Increase “movement.” Many local gyms offer specials or trial-periods.
  • If you miss the holiday social-circuit:  invite a friend to coffee, meet friends at a café for lunch (no clean up), e-invite neighbors to a potluck.
  • If you are already physically active, try something new:  indoor rock-climbing, bowling, hike the foothills, yoga, Nia, or Zumba!
  • For non-football fans:  go to the movie theater when the Super bowl airs, grocery shop after the game has started, take a nap.  Enjoy the quiet!
  • Schedule an annual physical and review health concerns with your doctor.
  • Give Your Permission to not make a New Year’s resolution.  Just “be” in the moment.
  • Affirm each one of the 31 days in January as part of your unfolding year.

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