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Fourth of July “Lessons”

The 4th of July holiday weekend offers a lot of self-care reminders.  The week before the holiday weekend, I asked individuals and couples, “Do you have any special plans for the 4th?” There were diverse responses, with a shared commonality of relaxation and activities involving family, friends, cookouts, picnics, fireworks, and travel.  Certainly with any holiday, there are people who are not able to be with their families; such as, deployed military service men and women, professionals on shift work in response and care-professions such as police officers, fire fighters, medical staff, hospice nurses, etc.  Even still, the community at large seems to slow down on this day. The 4th of July provides opportunities to honor the history of the past combined with celebration in-the-moment.  For the other eleven “4ths” that take place during the year:  

1) spend quality time with family and friends (even if it isn’t a holiday);

2) plan a mini-vacation for a day-off or weekend; for example, check out the new guide from the City of Albuquerque Parks & Recreation called, “25 Outstanding Open Space Destinations.,” There are natural landscapes and cultural resources throughout the state for gorgeous excursions;

 3) Allow yourself to dream about a vacation to a special place you’d like to visit. In the back of many travel magazines there is a postcard to request tourist information; gather information, cut out beautiful photographs and post them on your refrigerator.  Visualize your get-away. 

4) Inspired by the delight of the crowd while viewing fireworks…Oooooh & Aaaaah about your family.  Surprise your spouse with flowers.  Read your child a bedtime story.  Turn your cell phone off (early) for the night.  Eat dinner as a family. 

Use your 4th of July spirit as a reminder for self-care and connection.

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