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First Comes Love, Then Come Money: A Couple’s Guide to Financial Communication

by Bethany Palmer and Scott Palmer

Successful, happy couples know how to talk about money, and the number one cause for divorce is financial infidelity. Now “The Money Couple” reveals the missing ingredient needed before any financial program or plan can work: healthy financial communication. This book tells you how to:

  • Diagnose your level of financial infidelity
  • Identify your individual Money Personality
  • Master the Money Huddle and the Money Dump
  • Achieve financial goals once and for all

Bethany and Scott Palmer, “The Money Couple,” have written a practical and timely guide to help couples with financial communication. Their unique idea: the root cause of money troubles is not a lack of money or budget systems, it is financial infidelity.

Bethany and Scott list the “Eight Simple Rules for Fighting Fair,” including Rule #7: Expect to Blow It. “We certainly don’t expect you to fight fair every time you argue–we don’t.”

“Financial infidelity can consume your relationship like a wildfire taking hold in a field of dry grass,” they write. “You end up spending what seems like every single moment talking about money, fighting about money, crying about money. Or you stop talking about money altogether because it’s just too painful.” Their solution? “Consider this book to be a bucket of water to douse the flames.”


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