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February Message

February MessageWell, here we are again, the most loved/hated month of the year, depending on your perspective. Actually, there are as many couples who dislike this holiday as much as singles.  That’s because there is so much pressure that is put on us for V Day-that this one day out of the year should be the perfect union of intimacy, happiness and love with our partners.  While logically we know that can’t be the case, it’s hard to ignore the marketing messages in February.  But- we have the power to change the message! Bottom line is that February is about LOVE- and that includes everyone, in all relationships. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see commercials of friends, family members and other loved ones sharing celebrations of V Day? What about sending your ex husband or wife a card?  Your boss, employee or co-worker? We can spread a huge amount of joy and love without being tied into the commercialization on V day- and feel great by doing it. And if it’s yourself that needs a little love, here’s some ideas for that too. I  think I’ll get started now- I hope you do too!


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