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Dealing With Change

Changing World

The world seems to be changing at an extraordinary pace. We get used to the way that things are, and then they shift. That change can be very unsettling, and even a positive change can throw us for a loop. When we are nudged out of our current routine, or challenged with our understanding of how the world works, we experience feelings of fear, anxiety and stress. These feelings in turn can turn into actions and behaviors that don’t serve us very well, and make it even harder to deal with whatever changes are occurring. So, approach dealing with change as a process. Dealing with change is not like a light switch that is either on or off. It is like making a meal, with many steps and ingredients. And just like creating a mouth-watering dinner, dealing with change takes time.

Start by reframing the way you think about change. Choose to give positive meaning to life changes. Even if you’ve never moved your furniture around, or you still have the same hair style you did in college, you can thrive on change.

Read next weeks post for tips on how to deal with change.

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