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Book of The Month

Keep Your Pants On: Preventing Infidelity in Your Marriage (Volume 1)

by Kelly Chicas

In this book, the author takes a unique and fresh perspective on infidelity by looking at what the reader can do to prevent an affair before it begins. While most books in the relationship and self help category focus on what to do after an affair has already happened, or how to “fix” your mate so they won’t stray, the perception here is that you can take measures to make sure YOU do not have an affair. The book includes exercise, strategies and tips to help guide the reader away from an affair and into stregthening their relationships. This book is a great tool for any relationship.




“Reading Kelly Chicas’s book could save your marriage, as well as saving you a boatload of money (divorce can be expensive) save you personal torture and save your kids from lots of turmoil and trouble. As a marriage and family therapist I often saw the aftermath of affairs, but few people came to me when they were tempted for help to prevent affairs.”

-Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah guest and author of 26 books on relationships and therapy.

Have YOU ever thought about cheating on your partner?

Have YOU ever thought about cheating on your partner? Chances are that you have, and if so, you aren’t alone. Some research numbers say that as many as 60% of all couples will experience infidelity in their relationship. That’s 6 out of every 10 relationships that might have a cheating partner. If we accept these numbers, not only are there thoughts about cheating, there’s also quite a bit of action around cheating. Sounds pretty high, doesn’t it?

We all know that no relationship is perfect, and that there are many stages and phases we go through in our relationships that are less than ideal.  Some of these stages are so uncomfortable that we may find ourselves wishing that we had a different, better relationship.

Well, for those of you that feel this way, here’s the news:

I have a new book out, “Keep Your Pants On: Preventing Infidelity in your Marriage that addresses these concerns. This book was written as a direct response to all of my clients that struggle with their thoughts about cheating on their partner. While these thoughts can be a normal experience for some, it’s the taking action on these thoughts that becomes a big problem when we are in a committed relationship.

Infidelity is extremely painful for the partners that are going through it; it is also painful for the therapists working with these issues to witness the damage. That is where the original idea of this book took off- trying to prevent infidelity before it happens, to stop the actions of cheating before it is too late.

Keep Your Pants On has been reviewed by several experts in the field of couples and relationship counseling, and includes their own testimonials plus others on my advisory team. The book includes interactive exercises, action steps and “RSS Feeds” (Relationship Super Strategies) to help support your choice of commitment within your relationship. There is also a brand new website, that has even more information.

I am so excited about finally finishing this book that I am making a special offer to you for the month of September– giving you a free copy of the book!  If you are an active client at AFC you can get one from your therapist at your next session, or you can come in to the office and pick one up from Sarah, our administrative assistant. I do have one request- if you like the book, go to Amazon and say so by writing a review. If you don’t like it, just tell ME! I really hope that you take advantage of this offer, to help strengthen your relationship and prevent infidelity with your partner.

Finally, this book is truly a labor of love for my clients; past, present and future. And for anyone else who struggles with these problems- this one’s for you.

Kelly Chicas 2011

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