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Relationships Take Skills on the Part of Both People


The healthier that we are, the less willing we are to put up with “sickness”




Relationships take skills on the part of both people

Relationships are investments



1.   Communication

“Trust in action”

If you are playing games or putting up walls, you have lost communication.  Self esteem is crucial-if you have healthy self esteem, you can see the other person’s perspective. You can “own” your point of view, and acknowledge your partner’s. 

2.   Compromise

Not about who wins- a negotiation in which both people get enough of what they want, but not everything. A win-win, sensitivity is crucial to both yourself and your partner’s needs.  

3.   Commitment

Requires the ability to surrender – I have sufficient maturity to say “yes” to where I am, and “no” to all of the contradictory statements, behaviors, people. Consider how much fear of abandonment do you have? 

4.   Caring

Ability and willingness to let other person know that they are special, unique that they really count. It takes self esteem, compromise, and ability to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. 

5.   Charisma

That we keep mentally active, take a new risk, stay away from being boring, keep out of ruts. We react instead of being proactive, have a capacity for fun. 

Coming to the table with these skills makes it much easier to maintain a healthy relationship.





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