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Book of The Month

Keep Your Pants On: Preventing Infidelity in Your Marriage (Volume 1)

by Kelly Chicas

In this book, the author takes a unique and fresh perspective on infidelity by looking at what the reader can do to prevent an affair before it begins. While most books in the relationship and self help category focus on what to do after an affair has already happened, or how to “fix” your mate so they won’t stray, the perception here is that you can take measures to make sure YOU do not have an affair. The book includes exercise, strategies and tips to help guide the reader away from an affair and into stregthening their relationships. This book is a great tool for any relationship.




“Reading Kelly Chicas’s book could save your marriage, as well as saving you a boatload of money (divorce can be expensive) save you personal torture and save your kids from lots of turmoil and trouble. As a marriage and family therapist I often saw the aftermath of affairs, but few people came to me when they were tempted for help to prevent affairs.”

-Bill O’Hanlon, Oprah guest and author of 26 books on relationships and therapy.


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