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Greetings from AFC!

SeptemberSchool is back in session, fall is almost here and people are already talking about the holidays. Whew! Speaking of talking, this month’s edition is a clear focus on communication- and how we can all do it better. With all of the couples that we work with at AFC, communication continually comes in first as the major issue that needs attention. We spend a lot of time teaching good communications skills to couples and individuals, which are valuable tools in relationships of all kinds. My hope is that you will learn something new in the up coming posts, and apply it to your everyday life. Stayed tuned and enjoy!

Welcome Fall

Fall is my favorite season- I am always relieved when summer is officially over.

The weather turns cooler, energy is high, and people are more focused and aware that the year is winding down. Kids are back in school, which gives us some much needed time to evaluate what’s left to do this year. So turn over a new leaf (no pun intended!) because we still have a few months left to accomplish the goals we set for the year.

As far as AFC’s goals, we have some VERY exciting things in the works, which we will be announcing in next month’s newsletter.


But what about you?  Many of you have personal or relationship goals that you want to work on. Now’s the time- if you have some things that you have been wanting to address, give us a call.

We can help by getting you started with individual or couples counseling, or one of the many classes that we are offering. Take advantage of the “back to school” mindset and make this time for YOU!

National Stepfamily Day

September 16th is National Stepfamily Day. Could your blended family use a fun boost during this busy, back-to-school season? Could you use a break from the stress and day to day responsibilities and obligations? It’s time to honor yourself for all the effort and hard work it takes to make a blended family work.

ACTION STEP: Here’s my challenge to you: Make a commitment to honor Stepfamily Day in whatever way seems right for you, sometime within the week of 9/16/10. You’ve made a commitment to getting support with this newsletter, now I invite you to take a step in the direction towards your goals for your blended family. Let me know what you decided to do and what the results were like for you and your family.

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