Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

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Play with Fire

It has been suggested that politicians, CEO’s and other highly driven individuals are in a sense wired for marriage mischief through personalities built for risk-taking and dealing with uncertainty.

Whether your personality leads you in the wrong direction, your marriage is or will be under attack at some time. Is there anything you can do to prevent (or repel) such attacks?

The answer is yes. Dr. Dave Carder recently spoke at the international Smart Marriages Conference in Orlando, Fla. During his presentation, he talked about “Close Call Friendships.”

He believes that infatuation – sudden unreasonable emotion attraction to someone or something else – is more powerful than it is given credit. People don’t think in their right mind when they are infatuated with something. Any relationship with potential for quick chemistry is dangerous.

It’s OK to be friends with people of the opposite sex who are not your spouse, but you need to have STRONG BOUNDARIES.

Read on for more tips on how to prevent a fire in your work area or away from home.

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