Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Kissing LipsEvery so often someone complains to me that their partner is a less than ideal kisser.  They complain of too much saliva, too little pressure, too much gusto, or even bad breath.

You don’t want to be that person, do you?  Of course not!  Here are three tips for having more fun while kissing.

1.Relax. Really.  Keep your lips relaxed and soft while kissing. It will feel better to both you and your partner.Puckering up isn’t as sexy as a pair of nice, relaxed lips.
 2.Tongues are for  exploring,  not  finding your partner’s tonsils. Think of your tongue like a fingertip and use it to explore your partner’s tongue, inside of their lips, and gently around the outline of their mouth.

3.Not too wet! You are not a puppy, so you don’t get to slobber all over your partner.Not too dry, either, that doesn’t feel sexy.Moist is good, so give your lips a little lick and go for it.
4.Start with a closed mouth, especially when kissing your partner for the first time. It’s the classy and respectful thing to do, and makes for a tender and memorable first kiss.
5.Stay attuned to your partner. Do they want to slow down? Take it up a notch? Are you both comfortable, physically and psychologically? By tuning in to your partner, you can both enjoy the experience without the other person feeling as though their needs aren’t being met. By staying attuned, kissing can become a mutual exchange of affection and a sense of deep connection…all in the space of a brief kiss! (Source: Dr. Stephanie Buehler)


Kissing can be a great bridge to all kinds of sexual activity.  Try it!


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