Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

July Message

4th of julySummer is officially here! For me, that means BBQ, watermelon, fireworks, family and friends getting together and enjoying longer days and cool nights. Getting away to far away places, whether traveling by air, car or just in your own mind. 

Speaking of your own mind, have you checked in with yourself lately? Are you happy with the direction that your life is headed, and in your relationship?  If not, time to get some help and change things. 
As a therapist, I truly and completely believe that everyone can improve their situation through the process of therapy. If you don’t think so, read below for the stories of many people who have done just that. 
Hope to see you soon!
“I just received your monthly update and thought I might write to let you know how incredibly much counseling with you has contributed to my life.  Things are crazy busy right now, so I’ll keep this short, but I wanted to send a quick update of a few of the wonderful things that have come about in my life recently … things that I doubt I would have ever been able to achieve without your help and guidance during the year I was in ABQ” – Tiffany, 2014
“The tools you equipped me with were invaluable, and continue to help me find my way on this path towards “emotional health”. – Kevin, 2014

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