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App of the Month

Wake Up To Life With Bloom!

Life with Bloom AppBloom* inspires you to live every day to the fullest: Reminders to make healthy choices, stay connected with others, manage stress, strengthen your spirit, save money, advance your career, and enhance your creativity.

Bloom* gives you a fun, simple and creative way to:

– CREATE your own unique multimedia experiences from your phone’s photo and music library

– DOWNLOAD pre-created blooms to inspire each area of your life

– SHARE your blooms with friends and family to inform, inspire or

– SCHEDULE Bloom* alerts to keep your day focused on what matters most to you

– CONNECT Bloom* with your Mindbloom account to keep your Life Game tree watered!

You can plant blooms throughout your day – inspiring you to grow the life you want.®

Use Bloom* to…

– Wake up on the right side of your day–use Bloom* as your morning wake-up call

– Remind yourself to eat a healthy snack between meals

– Shift gears after work-schedule a bloom with your

favorite song and family photos

– Remind yourself to pack a lunch and save a few dollars each day

– Discover inspiring, pre-made blooms in the Bloom Shop

– Inspire a friend with a shared, personalized bloom

Say, “You’re important to me” with images and the perfect song

– Prepare for an important event

– Get pumped up before and during your workout

– Craft a movie that represents your passion and purpose

– Connect spiritually through an immersive daily experience

– Call mom

– Practice the guitar

– Pick up some flowers


Lifehack says “Unlike any productivity-type application I’ve seen, Mindbloom basically makes achieving what might be usually considered an ordinary thing quite an extraordinary digital experience. Parks Associates, an industry research firm, is studying a growing demand for health entertainment and [their] lead analyst … believes Mindbloom can be just as entertaining as it is beneficial.”


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