Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

It’s Officially 2014!

2014Whether you are ready for it or not, we are beginning a new year. Many of you made new resolutions just a couple of nights ago, with full intentions of carrying them through. And, according to statistics, 25% of us will have broken those resolutions by mid January. But here’s a different perspective- let’s think of Goals, not resolutions to be broken. One goal that all of us should have is to have less stress in our lives- and we have several tips this month to help you do that. Another feature this month is a positive outlook on 2013, and how it wasn’t as bad as we might think. You may lower your stress just by reading it! Finally, we have some really helpful tips from Louise Hay of Hay House, to help create a change in your viewpoint of everyday life lessons. Stay tuned and enjoy!


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