Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Happy FamilyBlending both sides of the family together for Thanksgiving, or for any major holiday celebration, calls for thoughtful planning, flexibility, patience, sensitivity and the likelihood of creative on-the-spot problem-solving by the hosting relatives. Read on for suggestions on how to avoid, or at least minimize, the challenges and potential pitfalls of blended family Thanksgiving, or other holiday, festivities.

Keep the Thanksgiving Spirit In Mind -Thanksgiving is a holiday of giving thanks, of being grateful for the goodness of family, friends, and life. As host or hostess of the blended family Thanksgiving event, approach Thanksgiving holiday planning in the spirit of the season. Plan for a joyful celebration and commit to yourself upfront that this Thanksgiving fete will be a warm gathering of extended family, lively, relaxed and fun. Set the positive, festive tone for this blended family Thanksgiving party and plan for your guests to follow in your gracious footsteps. No trouble-making allowed!

First Time or Repeat Performance?  – Is this the first blended family Thanksgiving holiday? Is this the first time you are coordinating the blended family Thanksgiving celebration? If this is a Thanksgiving first, you have the honor of breaking new ground and bringing your personality to the beginnings of a new family Thanksgiving tradition, with no past blended family event to replicate or live up to. If this is a repeat blended family Thanksgiving celebration, enjoy the pleasure of being able to fall back on what worked and what didn’t work at the previous blended family Thanksgiving gathering. Borrowing is most definitely allowed and will let guests at this year’s blended family Thanksgiving event know that you are taking care to follow in the family footsteps. Still, don’t be afraid to add your own festive twist and personal touches to the event.

Thanksgiving TraditionsThanksgiving Traditions! – Whether you are blending in-laws, extended family, step-family, or exes into the Thanksgiving celebration being respectful and considerate of existing traditions is a must. Take the time for thoughtful pre-planning to consider traditions from both families and from all generations if this is a multi-generational Thanksgiving gathering. Traditions may include special menu items, decorations, who cooks and serves, who sits where at the table and more. Do your best to accommodate history and traditions for all concerned, even if it may mean an unusual or creative melange of ethnic food items or centerpieces.

Check back two weeks from now for more about surviving Thanksgiving with blended families  . . .

Source:Christine Tetreault, Yahoo Voice


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