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App of the Month

Since we are in the technology based world…we have added a new feature to our newsletter.

Click here to download this app.

Kahnoodle Couple App: Couples Game + Relationship Tips & Reminders


**Kahnoodle is the couples app that makes it fun and easy to keep your relationship awesome.****

As seen in Forbes, Time, Cosmopolitan, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, AskMen and TechCrunch.

Awesome couples use Kahnoodle to:

1) Get tips and reminders for special things to do to keep their partner happy,

2) Discover fresh, affordable date ideas available in their city,

3) Create love coupons to show their love by fulfilling a romantic fantasy or completing a domestic tasks,

4) Thank their lover for the sweet things they do with “kudos”,

6) Create a wish list for places and things they’d like to do together.

7) Send messages to their partner when they are long distance,

…All this and more in this fun & powerful relationtip app!

Download Kahnoodle Now!


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