Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Happy words between couplesWe can unintentionally become experts at launching verbal missiles at our partners. Think about the words you speak to your partner-are they giving life or death to your relationship?

1. When speaking to each other alone. Do you listen to your partner’s views completely before giving your suggestion or advice? It goes a long way to fostering positive communications. If your partner has a suggestion or wants to do something, avoid contradicting them or saying ‘no’ immediately.

Instead, voice your negative opinions through calm questions so your partner can see your perspective too. It’ll help you both to look at the relationship as a team effort instead of a battlefield of opinions and who’s “right”.

2. In social settings- Being respectful towards each other in front of others is crucial to maintaining harmony in your relationship. Don’t oppose your partner’s views unless you’re joking- and make sure they know that you are joking. Try not to interrupt your partner mid -sentence just because you feel they’re not explaining something well, as this can cause resentment. Join in the conversation, but never overpower your partner.

3. Share a sincere Compliment. Compliment your partner often, and don’t just restrict it to physical traits. Compliment them about their job, their personality and anything else that you genuinely feel. When your partner believes that you have a high opinion about them, it creates more emotional intimacy and rapport within your relationship.

4. Fighting Words Arguments, confrontations and disagreements are a regular affair in a relationship. But even in an argument, avoid words that are sarcastic, belittling or condescending because once they’re out there, they can’t be taken back.

An argument in a relationship never has an individual winner. So stop using words that will make your partner feel lousy about themself. And at the end of every argument, no matter how much you just want to walk away, apologize to each other and hug and make up.

Use these tips to speak with intention and remember- choose those words wisely!


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