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Book of the Month

The Magnetic Mindset
If you’ve had trouble applying the Law of Attraction into your Life, this book offers 365 powerful quotes, inspiring thoughts, and positive affirmations to get it to finally work for you. One day at a time as you apply the insights contained in this book, you’ll find that reaching greater levels of abundance will seem almost effortless as you shift into a powerful magnetic mindset. You are a talented deliberate creator. So start making your dreams a reality. Today is your new beginning!Inside this book you will learn:

  • What is the Law of Attraction and How Does it Affect Me Financially?
  • Habits and Activities to Avoid with Your Money.
  • Thoughts and Emotions that Restrict Cash Flow & How to Change them.
  • Actions that Increase Abundance and Create More Success.
  • How to Honor Your Money and Attract More.
  • Ways to Shift into an Abundant Reality and Unlock New Opportunities.
  • How to Form a Magnetic Wealth Mindset to Attract Abundance.

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