Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Book of The Month

“Ten Stupid Things Couples Do to Mess Up Their Relationships 

by Dr. Laura Schlessinger

You can love her or hate her, but Dr. Laura packs a good punch with her direct, “in your face” style of saving relationships.

Her broad statements like “the feminist movement has become hostile to heterosexual relationships in general” and her tendency to react to callers in anger may offend, but if you can put this aside, you’ll find some solid advice in this book. While Dr. Laura excels at placing blame, her bluntness can be refreshing, and you know right where she stands.

Much of the book has been created from letters written by listeners of her show. These personal anecdotes are used to illustrate points and provide examples we can all relate to; given their tremendous variety, you’re sure to find some that click with you. They make the book an easily absorbed read and provide a welcome break. You’ll find suggestions on taking time to really listen to each other, ways to respect each other’s needs without catering to selfishness, and a firm belief that relationships are nearly always worth saving.



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