Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Who remembers what the world was like before Facebook? Now we create an average of over 70 pieces of content per month on Facebook and other social media sites. Many of those pieces are about our partners, spouses or close relationships. How can you keep Facebook from ruining your marriage or relationships? Albuquerque Family Counseling has 5 tips (and they’re not just good for social media, either!).

1.  Don’t friend a former lover. Contacting an old flame is like dousing a fire with gas. In therapy we call it “going down the rabbit hole.”

2.  Keep it simple, and don’t give too much information when you are fighting with your partner. Ranting and complaining about your spouse for the world to see will not foster intimacy. You never know which “friends” you and your partners may have in common.

3.  Good face time with your partner is NOT posting on Facebook. Time on the Facebook site is time spent AWAY from your partner, and can create tension at home.

4.  Decide as a couple what is acceptable and what’s not on Facebook and other social media sites, and then follow your own rules.

5.  When necessary, de-friend! Better to have harmonious relations at home than on the internet.


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