Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

The next-best thing to a European vacation is as close as Old Town.  We are graced as a community to have a must-see event here in ABQ. The current “Turner to Cezanne” exhibit at The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History offers a spectacular opportunity to view works of art on loan from the National Museum Wales. This is the first time these works of art from the Davies Collection have been shown in America and there are only five U.S. locations to host the exhibit. As you walk through the doors leading into the gallery…allow yourself to be transported into a world of creativity that will stir your soul. Imagine…seeing “Waterlillies” by Monet or an original Van Gogh. The exhibit has wide appeal.  If you are single, refresh your spirit by touring the exhibit (or, it could be a great first-date location).  For parents, take your children (of all ages).  There is a color Family Activity Guide that has pointers about “what to look for” throughout the exhibit. To energize your Intimate Partner Relationship, make a date with your beloved and stroll around the exhibit holding hands (there is wonderful ambiance because dim lighting protects the fragile artwork).  If there are any special needs, the gallery has ample room for wheelchairs.  The exhibit remains in ABQ through August 8, 2010. Every Sunday morning before 1 pm museum admission is free; there is a $5 fee for the special exhibit.  Priceless.


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