Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Let Go and Grow!

Spring approaches! The 20th of March is the official first day of a new season. An old proverb speaks of March winds blowing in like a lion…out like a lamb, and the winds of change can provide refreshing energy after the winter season. There is something hopeful that blooms when the weather grows warmer and hours of sunlight increase every day. Spring can be a great time to pack away old habits (that aren’t working for you) along with winter coats.  If you haven’t gone on a date-night with your Intimate Partner (IP) in a while, spring is a good time to re-start a regular activity.  For individuals who are not in an IP relationship, call a friend you haven’t seen for a while. As the weather warms up, the Albuquerque area is a Mecca for outdoor activities.

Opportunities abound to spend time surrounded by beautiful scenery: hike in the foothills or on trails at the top of the tram, walk or bike the paved path along Tramway, bird watch near the Rio Grande, fly a kite on blustery days, take a new moon stroll on March 15th or be illuminated by the full moon on March 30th.  Date-nights do not have to cost a lot of money. Pack a picnic dinner and share a meal outside as a family activity or a special outing with a friend or intimate partner.  Try a date-morning and watch the sunrise over the Sandias.  Attend a movie matinee for a date-afternoon.  Let your creativity blossom this March…plan, and actually do something fun for yourself, and share the experience with someone you love.  Feel the breeze on your (smiling) face.


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