Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

You (Are the Valentine)

The approach of February 14th is hard to miss in American society. By mid-January, radio, television and print

advertisements abound for chocolates, jewelry, flowers, and other commercial ways to say I love you.

I took an informal poll and asked 25 friends and family members, “When you think of February, what pops into your mind”?  Twenty-four people relied, “Valentine’s Day.”  One individual replied, “Well, the first thing I would say, is January is gone. Winter is on the decline.  February is a short month. It’s not a leap year.  I guess society expects me to say, Valentine’s Day. And, that is what commerce hopes I think of, since the stores are stocked with gifts.”

When you think of Valentine’s Day what comes to mind?  Your beloved? Candy hearts? Cards?  Chocolate? Flowers? Eating-out?  Jewelry? Stress? Pressure? Expectations? Disappointment?  Excitement?  Anticipation?  What is the true spirit of Valentine’s Day?

My first (and still) most heartfelt experience with Val-Day takes me back to Miss Lawrence’s third grade class. The only expectation was that every child in the class would share and receive greetings. Each student in the room brought valentines for every classmate and the teacher. We drew crayon pictures and taped decorated bags to the edge of our desks.  We created a long procession of happy kids walking around the classroom, dropping a valentine into every single sack (even the sack of the class bully). The third grade conga line became a collaboration of kindness.

Re-connect with your spirit and share that (with yourself and others) on February 14th and every other day.


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