Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Push Those Buttons

To kill your relationship, all you have to do is criticize, criticize, criticize. It’s even more effective if you do it through your children.
“Daddy doesn’t do the dishes, does he?”
“Mommy spends lots of money that we don’t have, doesn’t she?”
Don’t restrict criticism to your partner, either. It’s great to find fault with all their relatives, and drag your feet about getting together with them.

In order to keep your partner humble, all you have to do is withhold praise and appreciation. Along those lines, once you are in a relationship you no longer have to worry about your appearance. However, you have every right to point out their fashion blunders. Imply that you are embarrassed to be seen with them.
Also, don’t indulge them with sympathy if they are sick or unhappy. Mocking takes practice, but to deliver the full impact, all you have to do is practice eye-rolling and well-timed sighs.
And no matter what you do, make sure they can’t forget their failures or the ways they have disappointed you. Bring them up often in conversation.
And never, ever tell your partner that you appreciate what they do for you. You wouldn’t want to encourage contentment, lest it lead to complacency.
Don’t laugh with them. Don’t laugh at their jokes; never have private jokes. Don’t indulge in affection for no reason.
Watch out for joy creeping into your relationship. It can ruin everything all your best efforts.
And while you’re at it, make it impossible for them to have friendships, or to spend time with anyone but you.

Do you identify with any of these patterns? If so, take a look at your interactions with your partner, spouse or loved one.

How can you improve things?


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