Rescuing Your Most Important Relationships

Start Trusting Again

It happens to be our country’s motto- but who else do we trust? Everywhere we look, we see evidence of mistrust; in our governments, our communities and our relationships. Trust is an intrinsic part of human nature, the basis of healthy psychological development that usually develops between an infant and its caregiver. Trust is essential to healthy, strong relationships. How do we get it back?

Read on for the first article in a three part series on trust and relationships.

Trust in others depends on face to face contact- notice that I did not say “Facebook”. We are much more isolated today than in previous generations, having fewer close friends and organizations in which we are active. The internet and TV are great communication tools, but cannot be a substitution for personal interaction.  These medias are drains on our personal time that could be spent face to face with a friend, family or community member.

People trust people that they KNOW before trusting a stranger, so the more people that  you know, the more you will trust. Trust in stills a feeling of goodwill between individuals, and in turn benefits the community. How do you rebuild trust when it is lost? Read my next blog posting for more.


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