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Valentine’s Day Ideas

As Valentines’ Day approaches, we often feel pressure and stress to create the “perfect” symbol of love to give to our partner. We ask ourselves questions, “Should we give candy, jewelry, cards or flowers?” “Should I make a reservation at the most expensive restaurant in town? That will REALLY show my partner how much I love them!”  

    Let’s re-evaluate Valentine’s Day. What could you give that would REALLY show how much you care and value your partner? Read on for some new, different types of loving actions that you could do. 

    Many surveys reveal that lovers can be out of touch with what their significant other really wants. In one poll, more than 90 percent of the men said they would be giving a hug to their partner as their Valentine’s gift. Only 13 percent of the females polled said they wanted a hug. Twenty-two percent of men who intend to give gifts said they would give lingerie, but only 2 percent of the women surveyed wanted lingerie.
    Flowers, the most coveted gift on the female list of desirable Valentine’s Day gifts, ranked second on the male gift-giving list. However, jewelry, which was the women’s second pick for most desired gift, only rated fifth on the men’s list.

So, where does this leave you?


     Really LISTEN to your partner- they will give you clues as to what is important to them. What does romance mean to them? Do you really know? Finding a Valentine’s gift based on what YOU think they want is a recipe for disaster. Spend the next two weeks before the big day and attentively listen – you will end up with a wealth of gift ideas.  

    The commercial expectations of Valentine’s Day are based on ideals of love, not reality. If what you are considering giving feels fake or forced, that’s NOT romantic!

 Watch for next weeks blog for better ideas on Valentine’s Day gifts.


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